We scale our team to ensure we can provide all of our clients with the fastest response times. Our dedicated and talented team is always ready to anticipate your business needs and deliver quality solutions quickly and efficiently.


With our knowledge and experience of proven existing and cutting edge products and technologies, we ensure that our solutions are always tailored to meet your specific business priorities and budget.


Whether your business requires us to be your entire IT management department, or an extension of your current IT team, or just a short term solution for a specific project; we have a team that can be moulded to fit your needs.


With an international reach and experience with a large variety of clients, from individuals to large enterprise, Troppus IT & Management believes that no project is too big or too small for us to handle.


We see ourselves as an extension of your business. We provide a comprehensive service directly personalised to your needs so that you don’t have to hire, train and manage your own IT department. Your success is our ultimate goal.


Our engineers are passionate about the advancement of information technology, and we are continually training and certifying our engineers to ensure they remain up to date with cutting edge innovations and technology. This allows us to deliver the most effective solutions tailored to your business needs now and into the future.